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Housse de chaise lycra arc rouge

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The lycra spandex chair cover is suitable for any type of chair (except armrest) and allows to hide all the defects of the chair.


Colour: Red

Thickness 200 gms/m2

Lessivable at 60°

No ironing

House of red lycra chair

The choice of chair cover is an important element in the decoration of a reception or conference room. The option of the red lycra is even more, because it is a color that is not often used. If you want to know more about this cover color, this article will help you.

The advantages of the red lycra cover

The red lycra cover is extensible and adapts to around 95% of the chairs. Thanks to its elasticity, it allows to cover the chairs up to the foot level. Thanks to this same stretch, it easily installs on your chairs. It allows you to bring a touch of modernity to your chairs and to create admiration for your guests.

It offers a feeling of comfort to your guests. It does not rub like covers made from other materials and degrades difficultly. So you don’t have to worry about your hand or machine cleaning. Red lycra covers don't get easy.

What kind of chair is suitable for this house?

Red lycra chair boxes can be used for all types of chairs. The rounded back chairs or the Napoleon chairs passing through the right chairs. However, you cannot use it to cover chairs with armrests.

For what type of event use this cover color?

The red cover color can be used for all types of events. The important thing is that this choice fits perfectly into your theme. However, it is not used during mourning events. This cover color is perfect for weddings.

What is the meaning of the red colour of the chair cover?

Red represents elegance, but also glamour. Opt for a red color cover for the decoration of a wedding for example symbolizes love, passion. It also awakens the glamorous and chic side of your organization.

What color do you use with this cover?

Red is a warm color. So if you opt for a red lycra cover, you will have to combine it with neutral or cold colors. You can therefore think of using the white, black or even silver colored tablecloths. This will allow you to stifle the brilliance and degaze the color of your cover and thus create an atmosphere not too overloaded.

What knot color to use?

If you want to bring a small touch of color to your chairs covered with the red lycra cover, the ideal would be to opt for cold-colored nodes. You can use color nodes:

  • Blanche ;
  • Black;
  • Yellow;
  • Silver;
  • And even gold.

All these colors are perfectly matched with the red of your chair cover. You can also associate it with the blue paon, it allows to give a refined look to your decoration.

What cover combine with the red colour cover?

The type of cover used, must be in harmony with the theme of your event, the rest of the decoration of your room, but especially with the decoration of your chairs and table. Once you choose a lycra red cover for your chairs, you should use silver covers. This contrasts very well with this cover color and avoids color overload. The use of gold covers is not completely different. It all depends on the theme of your event and the organization’s framework.

Ultimately, the use of red-colored covers is quite delicate, because the red is a rather flash color. So you need to know how to arrange it with colors, a little more discreet preferably to make your decoration impeccable and perfect.

CHAIR LYCRA FLEX ARC ROUGE FOR your wedding decoration

The wedding decoration is an art: whether it is for fun or for fun and beautifying the interior, the dressing of a chair provides this little more that delights.
La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Lachair cover lycrais a good beginning to enter a clothed universe and why not colored. Our lycra chair cover adapts to all high chairs thanks to its extensible lycra/spandex material and all your desires with its different colors: white, red, milky white, grey and brown.
A chic little side invites you with the accessories: the strips, very decorative and the knots, the must. Dress up your chair covers lycra wedding very simply among an equally important color choice and succeed the perfect combination around your table.

Several Choices of chair cover

The chair cover is available in several models. Your choice may also be aboutchair cover lycra back glitterwhich is easily accessible from itself, soberly but effectively thanks to the light but also to the choice of a wedding chair cover, namely several possible colors.
Why don't you see things bigger? La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Lachair cover lycra flex arc blackadd with its elegant curves a sublime note to your unforgettable appointments.
On these wedding chair covers, extensible pockets cover your feet easily and safely that your chair loses its evening outfit. Do not forget to enrich your chair covers with artificial or natural flowers to give a more floral look to your wedding decoration


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