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Housse de chaise lycra flex arc Noir


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The lycra spandex chair cover is suitable for any type of chair (except armrest) and allows to hide all the defects of the chair.

The cheap black lycra chair cover is an element of your wedding decoration. You can associate it with onechair node


Colour: Black

Thickness 200 gms/m2

Lessivable at 60°

No ironing

Black Lycra chair

Decoration is an art. And to succeed, you need to know how to carefully choose the items that enter the account. The the black lycra chair this is one of the elements that will enable you to perfect your decoration. Do you want to know more about this house?

Particularity of the black lycra chair

The black lycra chair hood is soft to touch, but also extensible. It adapts to all types of chairs and allows you to cover your reception chairs in full. The the black lycra chair it is refined. It is very hard to crack and can be washed without fear of damage.

For what kind of event can this box be used?

Black lycra chair houses can be used for several events including:

  • The funeral;
  • the communities;
  • The Baptisms;
  • The business days;
  • The gala evening.

So you understand that the black lycra hole is not just for funerals or moments of sadness. This housing allows you to make the desired refined appearance of your reception place.

What kind of chair to use with this box?

Black lycra chair boxes can be used with any kind of chairs:

It is convenient when your chairs have 4 feet and do not have stairs.

What colour to associate with the black lycra?

Black is a cold color. They agree with all colors. So depending on the appearance you want to present you can choose for nodes of bright and warm colors. If your goal is to create a prestigious and chic environment, you will have to choose bright colors such as:

  • the brown;
  • the grey;
  • or the shore.

If you rather want to create a friendly and warm atmosphere, you should choose hoter colors such as:

  • the blue;
  • The Yellow;
  • or the rose.

No matter what color you choose, it should be in match with your theme too. For your nodes, you can also choose satin or organza to actually make this colorful touch out.

What kind of clay to use with this clay?

In order to make the black lycra chair hook perfectly in your decoration, you can choose black-colored nappes. You also have the opportunity to take gray or blue colours to always put a colour shade in your decoration. However, this choice should be made depending on the topic of your event.

What type of cover to use with a black lycra box?

When choosing a black lycra hole, you can choose gold-covered covers, if your goal is to bring a touch of heat and convenience. However, the use of money covers is also possible if you want to stay in the sobriety and make a refined and prestigious decoration come out fully as in the case of business holidays and gallas. However, this choice must be made in accordance with the theme of your event (whether it is a wedding or a birthday).

In sum, darkness is not a color only made for moments of sadness. Black lycra chair boxes are used for refined events. This hole is perfectly mixed in the decoration and fits with the other colour shades that come into your decoration (whether it’s bright or hot colors).

LYCRA FLEX BLACK ARC BOOK for your wedding deco

Decoration is a whole art: whether it is to make pleasure or to make pleasure and decorate the interior, the clothing of a chair provides that little plus that pleases.
the lycra arc chairit is a good start to enter a dressed and why not colored universe. Our product adapts to all high chairs thanks to its extensible material in lycra/spandex and to all your desires with its different colors: white, red, milk white, gray and brown.
A small chic side is invited to you with the accessories: the bands, very decorative and the nodes, the must. Dress your shirt very simply among an equally important color selection and make the perfect combination around your table.

How to access the chair?

Your choice may also be on the
the licra dous chairwhich accesses itself, surely but effectively through the light.
Why not see things bigger? The
licra flex black arcit will add with its elegant curves a sublime note to your unforgettable dates.
On this latest model, extensible bags cover the feet easily and without the risk that your chair loses its evening clothes.


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