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Tapis de cérémonie 2m *30m Rouge ( 15M ET 15 )

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Uncontournable during weddings and other great parties, the red carpets always sit in the middle of our aisles. Timeless and majestic, this accessory is essential to prepare a class holiday. Many are the carpet models you can find on the market. If some of them come from a large brand, others are low-end items. How do I recognize the best red carpet to adorn your event?

Why use a red carpet at a party or wedding?

Among the highlights of the great occasions, walking on the red carpet delights all guests. Elegance, refinement and class, such are the sensations that mix in our heads when we put our feet on this beautiful carpet.
Walking on this rug, we'll look like Hollywood stars doing their show in front of their audience. Generating this sensation is one of the reasons for the party and wedding organizers to choose a red carpet. So they want to opt for the best wedding rug. An unpublished decoration article, this rug perfectly finds its place both inside and outside. Generally, we use one carpet with a dimension 30m long 1m wide for weddings and other ceremonies. However, some models, with other dimensions, are also available on the market. But, whatever your choice, thanks to a red carpet, your event will necessarily be a success. Covering a chic side, a red carpet placed at the entrance of the room for reception certainly surprises guests during a wedding. Accompanied by red cords, it will highlight the other decorations nearby.

What's the point of customizing red carpets?

You want red carpets coming out of the ordinary? Do you want people to keep a very good memory of their passages on your red carpet? Personalize it. Passion decor offers different possibilities to customize your carpet.

For your wedding, would you like to differentiate your red carpet from those of traditional models? Opt for a model with which your first names of grooms are listed. Remember to register the date of your marriage. Thanks to these little touches, you can have a refined decoration element. Technique valid both in the church and in front of the buffet, this kind of personalization will make your party unique and unforgettable. Scrambled in the middle, at the beginning or at the end of the carpet, the inscriptions will only enhance your red carpet. However, you have to choose the font you want to use. Indeed, this parameter is also taken into account to ensure the success of customization.

42 Items

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