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Projecteur & Led

Projecteur & Led

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  • Projector under multicolor...
    Projector under...
    37.5 € HT

    This multicolor projector gets under the table to give a warm atmosphere to your room

    The cheap table spotlight will perfectly illuminate your table bottoms.


    - 20 leds

    - Provided with remote control

    - Works with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours

  • Multi-color projector
    Multi-color projector
    22.5 € HT

    The multicolor projector changes colors with remote control. He puts himself under the vases to illuminate your decorations.


    - Dimensions: 15 cm

    - 20 LEDs with low consumption

    - Change color with remote control: white, red, purple, pink, green, blue...

    - Works with AA batteries (not provided)

  • Neon led - Wedding
    Neon led - Wedding
    175 € HT

    Wedding led neon to pose or hang on the wall. Suitable for all types of events

    Puts on a Flor or vegetable wall for more design

    Characteristics :

    - Matter: neon

    - Dimensions: 100cm x 80cm

  • Neon led - Love
    Neon led - Love
    65.83 € HT

    Neon led to lay or hang on the wall. Suitable for all types of events

    Characteristics :

    - Matter: neon

    - Dimensions: 90 cm long, L = 30 cm, O,V,E = 20 cm

  • Multicolor submersible leds...
    Multicolor submersible...
    15 € HT

    Submersible leds to integrate to illuminate your vases

    These submersible leds are multicolors and change color with remote control


    - Colour: white, red, yellow, purple, pink, red, green, blue

    - supplied with flat batteries

    - Sold by pack of 10 pieces

  • Submersible multicolor...
    Submersible multicolor...
    5 € HT

    The submersible multicolor projector allows you to illuminate all your vases and other wedding decoration

    Submersible, the lighting lasts about 8 to 10 hours


    - Diameter 6 cm

    - 10 leds

    - Telecommande provided to change colors: white, red, purple, pink, green, blue...

    - Works with AAA batteries (not provided)

  • Projecteur de salle 18 x 1...
  • Rideau lumineux noir 4.4m * 3m
  • Barre à leds 24 x 1W avec...
  • Bouteille led
    Bouteille led
    5 € HT

    Magnificent LED bottle on your decoration table to bring THE original and unique touch that belongs to you. This bottle is illuminated with battery system and has a range of more than 48 hours.


    - Size : H30 cm, diam 8cm

    - Colour: copper and grey

    - Material: Glass

    - Works with 3 AAA batteries

  • MR & MRS en led
  • Poudre à étincelle froide 200g